Music Videos & other interesting Stoner/Doom/Sludge related footage

I'll be adding more clips to this page regularly. If your band has a killer vid, some crushing live footage to share, send it in to Hand of Doom - also check out the Hand of Doom Radio Youtube channel > > > 

Windhand - Woodbine, Live @ Mixtape 5 in Sofia, 7 April 2014 

Herder - GODS

Church of Misery - 

"Brother Bishop (Gary Heidnik)" new video from Japans Sabbath fuelled masters of drugged out psychosis murder riffage. 

Redwood Hill
Redwood Hill are a five piece post-black/post-metal act out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Their songs are rooted in a cold and depressive aesthetic expression, with a lyrical universe revolving around the dark corners of the human mind. Riddled with powerful highs and enigmatic, melodious and haunting lows, the music uniquely captures the essence of the modern post-black/post metal genre

Elder - Live @ Valley Homegrown TV
Check out one of the most creative and inspiring bands going around. Elder's album "Dead Roots Stirring" is a masterpiece. Check it out on their bandcamp page

King Parrot
Insanely good metal from Australias most prolific metal act in recent years. King Parrot are creating a path of destruction and spilt beer and blood wherever they play.

Sinistrous Diabolus
Bleak, misery laden doom from New Zealand. Check it out!