Mother Mars

If NASA are looking for their launch codes, point them in the direction of these guys...

With "Steam Machine Museum" Mother Mars have stepped up the heavy in a big way. In fact they've stepped everything up right across the board. Their previous releases have been great but this really is something else - huge production, infectious jams, epic stoner riffage blasting off into outer space. The album launches on April 24, and is available in Australia via Von Grimm Records and in Europe via Kozmik Artifaktz

​Lomera are back with their 2nd EP, and it is bristling with tough, tight brooding tunes. 'La Marcha de la Muerte' and 'Thrones' embody that barely restrained aggression, the awesome mid paced lumbering riffs which Lomera do so very well, and its all topped off with superb vocals snaking in and out the riffs - Lomera are clearly a band to keep an eye on, get this EP and find out why!


Monumentally heavy debut EP from Italys newest doom offering, NAGA! Both superb tracks, but I have to say Vitriol is a killer track. Mike Scheidt style splashes of high end guitar are done well, hopefully there will be more tricks than this up their sleeve on a Naga full length ep though, as it is almost overdone here.

Aleph Null's "Dale" EP was one of the best releases of 2012, and this new EP, "Belladonna" is already destined for Top 10 lists for 2013. This is low end punishment - massive sound, anguished bending riffs with vocals to match. Two superb music videos also - check them out over to the right.!
Click on the album art to the left for the Aleph Null Bandcamp page. I have no idea why these guys are giving it away for free, I'd gladly pay $$ for this. I'm giving this killer EP a rock solid 10 out of 10. Aleph Null have set the benchmark for this year. Lets see if anyone can match it.